Sessions with Kiddos

We all want the perfect session. Perfect outfits, perfect weather, perfect location, and perfect images. But often times, when children are involved, it very rarely goes perfectly. Standing still for an hour or more to take photos is boring, their clothes are itchy, and they just don't want to. So what can be done?

First step is picking the perfect location. When kids are involved I almost always recommend locations with interest for the children. Parks with playgrounds, beaches with large shells to find or driftwood to climb, ponds with ducks to see and bridges to race across, even something as simple as a grassy hill to roll down can help motivate even the most stubborn baby models. As the weather warms up, keep in mind that all their instincts are pushing them to play. Always ask your photographer for any recommendations and specify the look you are going for to help find that perfect spot!

Next is outfit. Finding something that will look nice and not cause a tantrum can be tiring. Instead of picking the first suit or poofy dress, try deciding on a color palette and shopping by texture and color. Soft cotton dresses, silky button down shirts, and other natural fibers that sit smoothly on the skin vs itchy tulle, sequins that scratch, or suits that constrict. Keep the weather in mind as well and make sure to pick outfits that won't leave the littles too cold or too hot. While we want kiddos to look nice, if they're not comfortable in the outfit, it will show in pictures. Remember that portraits are meant to immortalize you as you are!

Lastly is poses. This is where the hard work of your photographer comes into play. Standing still is boring, instead of stiffly being posed, have your photographer introduce prompts that allow for genuine expression and play while they circle around and capture the magic. Have the kids race mom and dad, have tickle fights, have mom and dad lift kiddos and play airplane! The possibilities are endless and the images precious. Kids are meant to play, let's let them!