The Dark Days are Over

Losing a pet is never easy, and when kids are included, it gets even more complicated. What to tell them, how to explain that their best friend is no longer around. It can be an overwhelming process. One of the services we proudly offer are our Dog Day Portraits. These portraits are an end of life session to immortalize the bond with our best friend before they cross the rainbow bridge. A lot of times we don't think about something as trivial as pictures when planning the death of a beloved pet, but I firmly believe they provide a measure of comfort to be able to look back at beautifully preserved memories.

I recently got the immense honor of providing this service for a dear friend and neighbor of mine the day before their four legged friend Murphy crossed the bridge. We went to a park, romped around and played, cried, grieved, and absorbed all the love they could in those last few hours. While Murphy was definitely up there in age, you would have never known it by watching him play with his littles. He may have been mostly blind and deaf, that did nothing to slow him down when it came to playing and exploring!

Murphy, you were loved beyond measure and gave the love back ten fold to your humans. You will be dearly missed.